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Founded in  2009, EPIC has multiple business covering oversea engineering consulting,

oversea investment and international trade, and built up comparatively mature

international engineering market in Africa and Southeast Asia. EPIC had invested and

constructed several real estate projects, and formed a Property Management company to

operate part of the projects. With the exploration of the business, EPIC has built up and

deepened the strategic cooperation relation with many international larger-scale



Industry Perspective

Language skills give S. Sudanese doctors a sharp edge
JUBA, South Sudan-After enduring three months' intensive training in medical Chinese language at Juba Teaching Hospital, Lucia Thomas Loro, a South Sudanese doctor, is confident about interpreting some of the medical terms written in Chinese to patients.
Kenya banking on China-built port to become transshipment hub
Kenya will leverage Chinese-built Lamu port to become a regional transshipment hub, stimulate local manufacturing and create additional jobs, senior officials have said.
Angola vows to invest in cooperation with China
Angola will continue to invest in collaborative projects with China, said the country's finance minister.

Kenya hoping to benefit from Shenzhen's technology, investors
Kenya is hoping to benefit significantly from highly advanced industrial technology in China's Shenzhen.