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Angola vows to invest in cooperation with China

Angola vows to invest in cooperation with China

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LUANDA, Aug. 6-- Angola will continue to invest in collaborative projects with China, said the country's finance minister.


Finance Minister Vera Daves made the remarks on Thursday during a virtual meeting with about 120 entrepreneurs, mostly Chinese.


She underlined that "relations between Angola and China have been mutually recognized as very positive for over two decades, in a climate of friendship and strategic cooperation in various areas, with emphasis on trade and finance and on which Angola will continue to invest daily," according to a press release by the Angolan Institute for State Asset and Holdings Management.


Chinese Ambassador to Angola Gong Tao reiterated China's interest in continuing to cooperate economically with Angola and working with the country's business community to attract potential investors.


Apart from the meeting with Chinese investors and a previous one recently with Portuguese investors, Angola expects to hold other virtual meetings with entrepreneurs from the United States, Spain, Germany and Britain by the end of the year.


                                                                                                                                            ——From Xinhua