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Add:Room 1709, Huateng Tower, Jinsong 3rd Zone, Chaoyang

District, Beijing P.R.China

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Commercial Representative

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Commercial Representative

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Job Descriptions:


1. Assist the commercial manager in handling daily business in the area of responsibility;

2. Be responsible for daily communication with government departments and give support of government public relations to project operation;

3. Assist the commercial manager in developing and maintaining key clients and exploring business opportunities;

4. Assist the commercial manager in following up on and landing key business projects;

5. Be responsible for related translation and reception of important overseas delegations;

6. Undertake other tasks assigned by the line manager.




1. Bachelor degree or above, major not limited;

2. Excellent graduates are welcomed, candidates with relevant sales/commercial experience less than 3 years are preferred;

3. English as working language, proficient in listening, speaking, reading and writing;

4. Excellent learning, communication and execution skills;

5. Can work under pressure equipped with positive working attitude and pioneering spirit;

6. Strong sense of responsibility, service awareness and teamwork;

7. Accepting work overseas.