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New opportunities for China-Africa cooperation in the post-epidemic era

New opportunities for China-Africa cooperation in the post-epidemic era

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Wang Chengan, executive vice president of the China Association for African Studies, pointed out that the COVID-19 epidemic has plunged Africa into an economic recession, but at the same time, China-Africa cooperation has also ushered in some new opportunities. On the one hand, the challenge of the epidemic has further accelerated the pace of economic diversification in Africa and produced some emerging industries; on the other hand, some new growth points have emerged in the traditional cooperation between China and Africa.
Sun Shuzhong, the former Chinese ambassador to Morocco and Rwanda, said that it is necessary to focus on infrastructure construction, support the construction of African free trade zones, optimize the layout of production capacity investment, strengthen cooperation in scientific and technological innovation, and further promote China-Africa cooperation in the construction of the “Belt and Road”
                                                                                                                 ----- From  China Social Sciences Network