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Zambian president commissions Chinese-built modern airport terminal

Zambian president commissions Chinese-built modern airport terminal

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LUSAKA - Zambia on 9th August launched a modern airport terminal, which has been built by a Chinese company.

The southern African nation launched the second terminal building at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, which is financed and built by Chinese corporations, will increase the number of passengers from the current two million to four million per year. 

The construction works started in 2015. Once completed, the project will also have a hotel, cargo terminal, air traffic control building, rescue and fire station as well as a shopping mall.

Zambian President Edgar Lungu said the project is a testimony of the warm bilateral relations that exist between the two countries.

The Zambian leader said the operationalization of the project was a significant step in the country's development agenda as the current national transport policy seeks to transform the country into a regional transport and logistics hub.

According to him, the airport is cardinal to the government's aspiration of modernizing the country's infrastructure, adding that the country's national development plan has identified the transport sector and aviation sub-sector as key enablers to the diversification agenda.

                                                                                                                                  —— From China Daily