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Africa's electricity demand will double by 2030

Africa's electricity demand will double by 2030

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A report recently released by the Oxford University research team shows that by 2030, Africa's electricity demand will double. The report believes that fossil fuels will still be the main source of electricity in Africa. However, as African countries and related energy companies continue to promote the development of renewable energy, renewable energy power generation will usher in new development opportunities in Africa.
The "World Energy Outlook 2020" report issued by the International Energy Agency pointed out that in 2021, the investment demand for the solar energy industry in Sub-Saharan Africa alone will reach US$6 billion. Currently, the African Development Bank has a fund of US$500 million to support small renewable energy projects and plans to invest US$20 billion in the sub-Saharan region to build a solar power generation area covering 11 countries. Adova, the head of the African Power Transformation Organization, said: "Africa has great potential for renewable energy development. It is hoped that all parties will inject more development funds in Africa to jointly promote the early realization of the global goal of addressing climate change."

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