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Investment Supervisor

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Investment Supervisor

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Job Responsibilities:

According to the company's business management and development, under the leadership of investment leaders, one need to provide decision-making information and instructions for the company's investment.


1. Conduct preliminary market research and analysis on investment projects, collect information in a timely and accurate manner, complete the feasibility analysis report, and put forward suggestions on the direction of investment;

2. Actively organize project investigations, conduct investment evaluation, calculation and compliance evaluation, write project proposals, project review reports and business plans to provide suggestions for investment decisions;

3. Establish and maintain cooperative relations with partners, and be responsible for the daily docking and coordination among projects;

4. Track and manage the operation of projects that have been invested or the company has participated in, and sort and archive relevant materials;

6. Complete other tasks of the line managers.



1. Bachelor degree or above, finance, economics, management, accounting, etc. related priority;

2. Have project and overseas large-scale infrastructure investment related work experience;

3. Possess professional knowledge of investment and financing, law, risk assessment and investment process;

4. Have good Chinese and English as communication and business skills,good written expression skills;

5. Have good learning ability and team spirit;

6. Be capable of all kinds of office software.