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Assistant Property Manager

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Assistant Property Manager

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Job responsibilities:


1. Assist property managers in coordinating and supervising the daily operation and management activities of four-star hotels abroad;

2. Assist the property manager in handling and coordinating the work between departments;

3. Implement and implement relevant work decisions and operational plans issued by property managers;

4. To inspect and supervise the implementation of the work plans of various departments, and report or supervise the problems in time if they are found;

5. Assist Property Manager in presiding over and convening departmental working meetings, and do a good job in related paperwork;

6. Supervise and inspect the daily operation, service quality, staff appearance, and work discipline of the hotel.

7. Complete other tasks assigned by the line supervisor.





1. Bachelor's degree or above in the national unified enrollment system, hotel management and related majors are preferred;

Over 2-3 years working experience in hotel/tourism related industry is preferred.

3. As a working language, English is fluent in spoken English.

4. Good communication and collaboration skills, high sense of responsibility and service awareness;

5. Be proficient in MS Office software;

6. Strong learning and adaptability;

7. Good image and temperament,;

8. Accept work abroad.