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Foreign-related accountant

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Foreign-related accountant

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Job Descriptions:

1. Deal with account of overseas companies, compile accounting documents, check and adjust the accounts;

2. Prepare financial budgets and conduct budget analysis;

3. Undertake the preparation of financial statements and conduct overseas tax declaration and tax planning;

4. Work on overseas project asset management and cost accounting;

5. Be responsible for the audit and classification of employee reimbursement expenses;

6. Be responsible for the verification and registration of business contracts;

7. Administrate the financial statements and reports of overseas companies;

8. Sort and submit related financial data according to group management requirements.



1. Bachelor degree or above, accounting related major;

2. At least 3 years related financial work, familiar with international accounting standards or experience with engineering projects is preferred;

3. English as working language, proficient in listening, speaking, reading and writing;

4. Skilled in using MS Office and financial software;

5. Excellent learning and communication capacity, good sense of teamwork;

6. Accepting work overseas.